Monday, April 15, 2013

Mini Project #3

For my third and final mini project I created a photo essay. Due to a technological shortfall I couldn't put captions on the photos. But here is what they are and how they contribute to peer learning:
  1. The first image is a group of cavemen in a group learning how to create fire.
  2. The second image is a picture of the members of the manhattan project. A group of scientist that worked together during the 1930's and 1940'.s
  3. The third photo is the rock band group known as Black Sabbath sitting together in a studio session discussing music.
  4. The fourth photo is a group of people working reviewing plans over a site.
  5. The fifth picture is the Olympic rowing team for the U.S.A working as a team 
  6. The sixth picture is a picture of a group of students sitting outside studying

I would first like to discuss my photos. My first two photos can be grouped into a common meaning and that is groups have always come together throughout history to teach and learn from each other all the way back into the caveman days to much more modern history. My third, fourth, fifth, and sixth photo's all correlate in the same meaning; they all come together to mean that the peer culture is in many of things from our hobbies, to our work, and to our schools. It is fundamentally important to a lot of things we participate in. I got a lot of  these ideas from this image:
("Connected Learning Infographic")

How the peer culture, the academic lifestyle, and the interests of everyone all interconnect in so many different ways. 

In my first Mini-project I talked about how so often in our lives that in groups we learn to do new things even down to simplest of task. In the second Mini-Project I talked more about how important it was to share our lives, our experiences in order to learn from one another and to how vital it is to stay connected. For this third Mini-Project I've decided to show how important the peer culture has been throughout history and how it impacts aspects of our lives from sports, to work, to hobbies, and to school. I'd also like to say that the peer culture has become much greater over the past few years with internet and social media. It has really progressed the ability for better learning capabilities and allowed people to stay better connected. 

"For peer learning to be effective, the teacher must ensure that the entire group experiences positive interdependence"(Christudason) This positive interdependence is having group interactivity that makes everyone a participant and allowing everyone to learn in the group. In this article it stresses how important peer learning is  but that it has to be managed in led well in order to be properly function in a school like environment. That the peer culture should be emphasized more just because of how much the world is evolving and becoming smaller and smaller with the advances in information traveling more efficiently. The education system needs to adopt these techniques in order for the students to be able to keep up with the modern world.

Christudason, lice. "Peer Learning." Successful Learning. N.p.. Web. 15 Apr 2013. <>.

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