Monday, April 29, 2013

Final Blog Post
First I would like to show the infographic that inspired this in the first place:

For my three mini-projects I delved into different aspects of the idea of peer culture and connect learning. In the first mini project I drew stick figure comics depicting scenarios of peer learning based on learning by the examples of your peers. For the second mini-project I talked about the importance of staying connected with the people in your lives and how important it is to share information with each other, not only just for educational purposes, but also holistically for the foundations of all parts of our lives. In the third and final mini-project I did a photo essay that I tried to capture a couple of ideas with. First the relevance of peer culture throughout history and second the relevance a peer culture across different aspects of life from hobbies, to sports, to work, and to education.

The mini project I liked the most was the second one. I feel like I spent the most time thinking about it and while they are things I would probably change about it in the speech, but as far as my though process I feel like it developed the most on peer culture during the second mini-project. I started really thinking outside just the educational system and into every aspect of our lives which is what led to the third mini-project, but in the second one I discovered just how important it all really is. What I learned was that we share these moments with so many people in our lives and we learn from them in all aspects; and that this is very important to our education in all parts of our lives. Also that with the creation of social media and the world becoming such a smaller place that it is so much easier in this modern world to stay connected and induce a much powerful more constructive peer learning experience for everybody.

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  1. I agree, peer culture or peer anything always adds a different twist to things. Peers can be a great source of motivations or they can keep you distracted. Peers, relationships, coworkers theyre all very important to consider.

  2. I agree that staying connected is important in learning, and social media makes that a lot easier.Also, you are very right in that education should be included in all parts of our lives. Good job

  3. Social media is a great tool for peers to connect and grow academically. How we use it in English class is a great way for all to connect.