Sunday, February 10, 2013

Vantage Point

In class we split into two groups. My group was the first to sit in the inner circle. For the second discussion my group sat in the outer circle and took notes on the other group and how their discussion proceeded. In this picture from my daybook I diagrammed the discussion that took place among the other group.

What I noticed is a very interactive discussion much like our own group that took place with many arrows pointing back and forth showing conversation between the members of the circle. Some members had less to say than others and some members had  more back and forth between each other. Just like in our group.

The main thing though was the difference in vantage point. While in the inner group I was way more involved and interactive allowing me to be more focused on the topics at hand. While in the outer group I was more involved with following the actual flow of conversation but not really the topics of the conversation. While it was interesting to watch the interaction and learn about benefits of discussion I feel as if the actual application  of this is somewhat limited. To be involved in the actual conversation made me able to pay attention to the topics at hand and I felt I learned a lot more.

Or maybe I just need to work on my listening skills a little more.


  1. Thanks for considering this so carefully, Dylan. I keep looking at your daybook photo. I thought it looked like a dreamcatcher. Then on another look a baseball... now I am thinking in metaphores... How was our discussion like a dreamcatcher... like a baseball (maybe it is too late for any more blog comments!)

  2. I agree with you in the aspect of interaction. When I was on the outside of the circle, I felt like I was not as involved as when I was on the inside. I think that by being on the outside, all our abilities to respond effectively were stripped because of the respect to the people in the inner circle and their turn's to talk.

  3. I was never on the outside circle but, I understand. If I were to be out there I would probably daze off. I think there are people always more interested in any conversation, some people are really into the subject matter and are going to be more involved than others.

  4. Listening can be hard when you're not directly in the conversation. I can admit that I was not paying attention as much when I was in the inner circle, but I could get the main grasp of the conversation.